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The mouth is the gateway to the body. Guard it well.

Zara offers direct access appointments in South Kensington and Mayfair. This means you can see the hygienist without seeing a dentist first for a dental examination. Having dental hygiene appointments are extremely important, the main aim is to get you gums and teeth to optimal oral health, and once you get there, it's about maintaining it. Any other dental work or cosmetic work can easily be done once health is achieved. Seeing a hygienist regularly helps prevent gum disease and focus on preventative care and maintain oral health.

Want to eliminate bleeding and bad breath? Remove staining and not endure pain. This can all be done by booking in for a hygiene appointment at South Kensington and Mayfair.

Treatment is always tailored to you, no one size fits all. 

Zara is skilled in offering this service and anything outside her scope of practice will be referred to a dentist. Regular check ups with the dentist means they will carry out a complete dental exam, take x-rays and inform you if anything else needs attention. 

Best teeth cleaning and oral health advice in London. The most comfortable dental experience. Friendly dental professional and dentist in a safe setting, most thorough and gentle hygienist and best teeth whitening in Abbey Road, the heart of St John's Wood, and in Knightsbridge. Safe teeth lightening and teeth brightening, getting a whiter smile.
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